Sunday, 30 October 2011

It's a Good Day to be Fat!

Today (Saturday) I feel I've had a fantastic day, food-wise.
I have had essentially 4 dinners, plus loads of snacks!

I had a portion of lasagne made with pro-cal powder - roughly 500/600 calories.
1 Domino's pizza (ham, pineapple, chicken and double cheese) - 700 calories.
3 Domino's cookies - 165 calories each.
A bowl of scrambled egg covered in ketchup also made with pro-cal powder - roughly 300 calories.
Supplements - 400 calories.
Add onto that, a few bags of crisps, two cans of coke and a pack of maltesers :)

&Now..... I'm starving again!!!! Yet I feel full, how can I feel so full but feel so hungry lol! I may just deal with having a hot chocolate or cup of tea or something, I don't think my stomach can hold anymore food, at least not right now, maybe in like 10 minutes or so ;)

Me and Megace are getting along very well, it has made my periods pretty irregular as I was warned but the benefit of the appetite absolutely landslides the not-so-good side of things!! So I'm a very happy (chubbier) girl at the moment and I'm very pleased with myself.

I hope that todays goodies will have a reflection on my weight on Monday when I attend Papworth for my day 7 check-up whilst on IV's, which seem to be helping might I add! I do have a headache still which is a very annoying pressure type headache where I do seem to find myself shutting my eyes quite a lot, but I'm hoping this is just the IV's and not the beginning of 'oxygen headaches' I used to wake up everyday with an awful headache which is when we then did tests to show my oxygen levels significantly dropped overnight, hence why I use my o2 when I sleep, this cleared the headaches up almost immediately, so I'm hoping it's just an IV headache and nothing else!
Time will tell I guess, but for now, my chest feels better, breathing is slightly easier and my chesty cough is back to a more dry, tickly type cough.

So I'd say this is a pretty positive blog to be honest! Wooohoo, finally pretty much all good stuff to report!


Ruth Jay said...

love this :D

hope your check up goes well and it is just IV headaches and not anything else


Gemma said...

I know what you mean about being hungry but full lol! And im not even on megace! Its great its working for you, bring on the weight! xx