Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Lots of Good News!!! :D

Once again this blog is going to be full of all good news, things have been going well lately!

Firstly, I got my highest lung function in ages yesterday which was 26%. A rise in lung function is rare when you are this ill, but I'm on an IV antibiotic that I've never had before and that seems to be making the difference, also the fact I've essentially had 4 weeks of IV's with a small break in the middle, have all contributed to my increase :) I'm not going to say I feel better, I haven't really noticed a difference, I'm still quite breathless and coughing but I feel I have more energy (which is not always a good thing when you are a hyperactive mad thing anyway!)

My appetite has gone through the roof lately, I'm eating pizza like it's going out of fashion, I'm snacking constantly and there is hardly ever a time when I'm not thinking about food, lol! Which is a very good thing. Also I'm starting steroids on Friday (ready for my bone strengthening infusion) and when I'm on steroids I get the munchies, also I'm going on quite a high dose so I will be eating like there is no tomorrow with the steroids + Megace lol!!

Last night a few of us from poker decided to go in fancy dress seeing as it was Halloween. I decided to be a very scary cat, I just don't do horror, I've been a bunny and a french maid at Halloween parties, so I kept up the tradition of not being scary, lol! Here are a few pictures:

Stepdad Matt, Mum, Auntie Hayley and me

Matt, Josh and Uncle Justin

Me and Hayley

Me and my wonderful Mum :)

Josh and I

The final piece of good news is that I'm being made an ambassador for the organ donation charity Live Life Then Give Life I will essentially be doing what I am now, which is raising awareness for organ donation, LLTGL and promoting the charity! I'm honoured to be part of the team and hope I do a good job in encouraging people to sign the donor register and do them all proud :)

Thanks for reading!

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Charlotte said...

I have literally smiled all the way throughout reading this :) I am so happy that things are going sooo well! And I am delighted to hear that you have been made ambassador !!!! Well done, I know you will do an amazing job! ... you are amazing! Keep it up and good luck :) x