Friday, 27 July 2012

I'm Still Here :)!

Hello everyone, wanted to write a quick blog to let you all know I'm still here, lol! Had a few concerned emails/facebook messages regarding my absense so just wanted to apologise - I have been pretty unwell so have been spending a lot of time relaxing and catching up on much-needed sleep, I've been trying to preserve my energy as much as possible as I don't seem to have much of it anymore, so even the most simplest task of turning over in bed, or getting up off the sofa is exhausting, brings on a coughing fit and makes me extremely breathless, so I haven't been on facebook much, just the odd browse through once a day. I also have had a cold and tonisilitus, because my nasty body wanted to punish me even more!!! I have had a mini break from IV's but I'm going back on them Wednesday as the cold has knocked me for six.

I'm happy to report I was able to go out for a meal with Josh the other night, which was lovely as other than hospital appointments I haven't been able to do too much lately.
I had breaded brie for starters, gammon and chips for main and pannacotta with sorbet for dessert, yumyum!!
It was so lovely to get out of the house for a bit (even though I am paying for it now, silly lungs)
Josh and his Dad are currently transforming our garden which is great as it's giving him something to do other than being my full-time carer, I'm glad he is still able to occupy his mind because even though I'm quite content sitting in watching TV and not doing too much, Josh isn't like that. He's also been going for bike rides, going out jogging, and going to poker when somebody can 'babysit' me lol.
Our garden is coming along great - we've got a nice new patio area, fake grass as it's easier to manage and stops the pups digging! He now has a nice little section at the end where he's growing things like peppers, strawberries and beetroot etc. They've also made the front garden nice and pretty with flowers and new grass :) obviously it's all still 'work-in-progress' but here is two photos of them currently.

Back Garden

Front Garden

I want to finish with a couple more pictures of myself, the first is a photo showing my weight gain between now and October 2010 when I weighed just 5 stone, as you will see I look very thin and I can't even believe I ever looked that underweight, people tell me now how healthy I look as I've put on just over 2 stone and looking at this picture I can totally see it now!!
My goal was to get to 7 stone even though I never thought it would be possible, but I've totally smashed that and I did make the picture about 2 weeks ago, since then I was weighed again and it was 46.2kgs. I was so stunned, totally emotional and extremely proud. Never did I think my BMI would ever be in the healthy range. It is taking a lot of getting used to, I've never had a 'belly,' I've had to purchase loads of new clothes as I've gone from a size 4, to an 8, I even got a size 10 the other day, which was most definitely a first!! Aside from the annoying belly issue I am rather happy because I now have boobs and a bum, lol!! Soon I will be told I need to diet hah!
The other pictures are just a couple of randoms...
Thin me - Fat me LOL!

The Pups always look after me when I'm feeling poorly x

The Pups and me are in prison, although Tink seems pretty happy about it!

Hellooo World! :)
Pre-Meal - I wanted to have a photo without oxygen on, it's weird so used to seeing tubes across my face lol.

So there you go, just a couple of photos of yours truly!
Thank you for reading and I apologise for anybody that was worried about me - the gap between now and my next blog will be shorter I promise!