Thursday, 13 October 2011

General Stuff

I finished IV's last Wednesday and my lung function had come down from 24% to 19% which is not ideal at all, IV's are at least supposed to try and sustain my lung function, but the fact it had come down by 5% meant we decided to stop the IV's, my infection levels had come down and I was feeling a little better. So it wasn't worth carrying on and risking another drop. This means my lungs can hold 500ml of air, which is pretty rubbish - 1 and a half cans of coke basically!

Since finishing IV's, I now feel like I've picked up a cold, which is just typical. I have my flu jab on Saturday and if I'm unwell they won't do it, so I'm hoping it's not a cold and I will get my flu jab this year (last year, due to a huge mix-up at my GP, I didn't get the jab at all!)

I don't really have much to say, just wanted to update on my situation at the moment!
I will do a proper blog when I have something to talk about :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking in. I follow your blog and worry about you if you disappear for to long xelyze

Anonymous said...

Hello! I just recently discovered your blog. I'm sending you best wishes from across the sea. I have a chronic illness that often gets me down, but it is nothing compared to your daily struggles.
I hope your cold doesn't hang around. You need your flu jab!

mogzi said...

Thanks for the info on how much air that means your lungs hold,makes it more easy to understand and realistic! Hope the cold disappears and you get your jab and your lung function goes back up! Take care x