Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Campaign and Other Media Stuff.

I am the face of a national campaign for organ donation, here are the posters:

I was in the Daily Mail newspaper, here is the link - Daily Mail Article
I've also been on my local news programme, BBC Look East, regarding the posters but this is no longer available to watch (it was available for 24 hours only) which I'm very disappointed about!

So I have been very busy, I've had press contacting me left, right and centre. It's been a bit manic and I'm also still on IV's so I'm trying to juggle my health with my new found stardom - Lol!!!

It's been a bit overwhelming, I never had any idea doing this campaign would get so much media attention, not only has it raised awareness for organ donation, but it's also raised awareness for Live Life Then Give Life, which is the charity I've worked with on this campaign. The article has also gone global, including Spain! So the word is well and truely being spread about organ donation and LLTGL.

But of course with all good attention comes bad attention, I've had a few negative comments, some people believe the slogan to be degrading to women and being the face of it, I've had to take the brunt of a few rude remarks, including people saying I'm not worth 'giving one to' because I'm ugly - Yes I'm not a model but I am a real person, they could have taken a gorgeous model and stuck some oxygen tubing on them and claimed they need an organ, but it's the fact that it is real for me, I really do require oxygen, I do actually need a transplant, which makes the campaign so much more real. 
The tongue-in-cheek slogan shows that despite being very unwell, I can still have a laugh and a joke, my life is not all miserable. I feel the slogan captures the readers eye and will make them question what it could be advertising, it is the world we live in where we are sold by innuendos.
If the slogan had just said 'this girl needs a transplant' would that really make you think, would you really stop and take notice? That is why I am fully behind the campaign, anything which gets people talking, be it in a bad or a good way, is still raising the issue of organ donation and getting people thinking about it.

So yes, I've had more positive comments than negative and I am just a normal girl, so to begin with I found it difficult people slating me for trying to raise awareness for organ donation, but now I am just hoping that the campaign really will make a difference and people will become donors. 
I think I deserve a medal for the abuse but there we go ;) lol, joking!

I have a few more media-related things coming up over the next few days and then I'm back to clinic on Wednesday, my weight is still good, I've had a change in IV's which has helped as I'm starting to feel better. I may continue and do a 3rd week of IV's which will hopefully really kick the infection so it doesn't come back so quickly this time! It all depends on what my numbers say on Wednesday.

I have to go to bed now as I'm completely exhausted!
Thank you for reading and if you have supported the campaign or given positive feedback, I am very thankful :) 


Tinypoppet said...

We think you're a complete star. You're incredibly brave to put yourself out there to try and make a difference and that's exactly what you're doing.


jacqui aka mummy said...

love this blog Kerry

Tori said...

You know what I think!!

Anonymous said...

Tis the people who are so negative about this campaign that have the problem. You are so right. If it gets people talking then its a successs. x

Mark W said...

You are doing a great job I am so sorry to hear that you have had negative attention, people can be so ignorant.
You have made a great impact on many people and so will this campaign.
I Hope the IVs you are having continue to improve things for you and kick this infection :-)
All the best