Monday, 26 September 2011

Weight Gain Update!

I haven't said too much lately on my weight gain, because prior to this past week or so, I had hit a bit of a wall and hadn't gained much weight, I was starting to get a little down about the lack of gaining weight that was going on and at times I thought I'm never going to get there, but of course I still soldiered on and worked my little butt off and here is what has happened in the last 10 or so days.

I started Megace 10 days ago and the biggest impact it has made is my meal portion size - I would've usually had a half-hearted attempt at a 'meal' but now my dinner is probably double what I would've previously had, then I'm having seconds, even thirds! Which for me was unheard of!
So it has made a huge difference on how much I eat and I've been told it can take a while to see the full benefit, so if my appetite continues to increase I'll be eating loads soon :D

I've also been using Pro-Cal powder in all my food again mainly started this about 10 days ago too, it's a flavourless supplement which can be mixed into all types of food. I've been having it in things like lasagne, korma, cupcakes, hot chocolate etc. I've been really working hard to incorporate it into my meals, one sachet is 100 calories and I'm allowed 5 sachets a day which is obviously an extra 500 calories - So I'm really working hard with this, or should I say Josh and Mum are :) lots of big meals for me!

Anyway, here is the bit you all want to read...........
10 days ago I weighed 37.7kgs and today I'm almost 40kgs, which is about a 4.5 pound gain!! In 10 days!! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

I'm shocked that Papworth were so reluctant to give me either of these things, they don't give Megace out to their patients and when we asked about the powder they said 'they prefer not to give it out because it doesn't add too many calories' ... Well I think I've proved that every little helps and anything that could potentially help my weight gain is worth trying!

So here's to me being a whale very soon...
And if I don't become a whale, at least I might get on the transplant list?


Sophie-Anne said...

Great news kerry but keep going girly x pick high fat snacks as it dont matter how much u eat its what u eat xx now get fighting to get ur bum to harefield - its worth it, i promise xxx

Little Harriet said...

4.5lbs in 10 days!? Wow! Go you!! So glad it is working for you.


Gemma said...

Thats great news! Are you still doing your feeds as well? Some things that papworth say and do are quite worrying! Any extra calories is worth it! xx

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Go chubby Go :-) x

Sharu said...

Well done little girl. Try eating plain yoghurt with curd. you should put on weight. I sincerly hope you will get the transplant and will be back in action.

Moody-mare said...

hiya, you dont know me but i was just reading your blog and want to say well done on your weight gain, i also have CF and weigh 41kg and have just been put on that powder to put in my food fingers x i put on weight just like you have and fingers x you still put on weight and get that all important lung transplant xx

Foxie said...

Sending you whale vibes and hoping the megace continues to help pile on the pounds... x

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry .. First off I want to say that I think that you are absolutely AMAZING.. You are truly a role model; you really are. Second, regarding your arthritis, have you heard of Cimzia? My cousin has bad Rheumatoid Arthritis and takes this and I have Crohn's Disease and was just prescribed to take this.
Here is the website

Congrats on the weight gain.

You are on my mind and in my prayers.
Hugs and Kisses ... Pam

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work you can do it.