Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Harefield and General Life Really..

Monday I attended Harefield hospital for an 'informal visit' meaning I had a look around the hospital, met some of the transplant team and also get a feel for the area.. So it was just to get an idea of whether I wanted to go there for transplant basically and the answer is YES!

I was really impressed with Harefield, the transplant clinic was very spacious and modern-looking, ITU (intensive care) was scary and very surreal knowing (hopefully) the next time I have to go there would be straight after my transplant if everything works out the way we hope! I also looked around the wards and met the transplant co-ordinators.

The co-ordinator I met was so helpful, after showing me around the hospital we all went and sat in the canteen for about an hour discussing all things transplant, she answered a lot of my questions and put me at ease. I feel I am making the right decision for me and my future going to Harefield!

I'm off to clinic tomorrow where I will be telling my consultant that I am definitely ready for my referral to be sent off, once Harefield receive it they will either contact me if there are any concerns (for example my low weight, however they said they accept people on the transplant list with lower bmi's if they have put a lot of effort in, or worked hard to get to where they are) So I may be okay and then I will get an appointment for my pre-assessment which is a 1 day appointment, lots and lots of tests in the morning, then a meeting with the Doctor in the afternoon to discuss where to go from there - if they believe I am a good candidate for transplant I will be invited to attend a 2-day assessment which is even more tests, lots of important chats and then I would find out whether I would be listed for transplant or not.

So very nervous, but also kind of exciting times ahead.

One of my lovely CF friends, Sophie, had a double-lung transplant 2 weeks ago and is still in Harefield, I went to say hello but bless her she was sound asleep :) but it was nice to see her and also to know that she is doing well in her recovery! So I wish her the best of luck to keep up the amazing work and hopefully I'll bump into her at Harefield one day!

I also did some work with the Live Life Then Give Life charity today which meant I got to meet the wonderful Emily, who was so lovely, Emily is almost 5 years post-transplant who also has CF - we are sort of allowed to mix as she no longer has CF, but because I can make her unwell we kept our distance :) But it was great to meet her and see how well she is doing!

So had a good few days, once clinic is over tomorrow I can have a rest day on Thursday before Josh and I head off to Blackpool for our anniversary. On Friday we are travelling to Blackpool with a stop off at TGI Fridays for lots of calorific delicious food.. We are then going to watch Ipswich V Blackpool on Saturday and going to the pleasure beach Sunday (weather-depending) if it is a horrible day we will go shopping at the Trafford centre in Manchester instead! So I'm going to be one exhausted girl next week but I will hopefully enjoy myself and the suffering will be worth it, lol! Of course I will be taking my wheelchair and oxygen, I'm not going to wear myself out as that would be rather silly! Haha.

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Little Harriet said...

It's good that you got to have a look at the transplant unit and it's great that they accept people that are underweight but who have put the effort in, there is no denying you have done that.
I may be going to that match on Saturday, I'll be the one in tangerine! hehe.

Tori said...


age_789 said...

Hi kerry, thought I would write 2 u as I am currently staying @ the Herefield accommodation as my husband had a lung transplant 15 days ago. He is currently in the transplant ward & there have been many ups & downs but all progress & with hope things continue positive looks like he could be home in 2 weeks. U are right 2 think great things about Herefield the transplant coordinators, ITU nurses, & transplant ward nurses are amazing & u will be in good hands. Are you on the list?
I admire ur strength & courage & understand how these times are hard. U will be on our thoughts & lungs will come ur way very soon .

age_789 said...

Sorry I didn't mention he also had CF