Monday, 29 October 2012

Checking In :)

Hello all! Just checking in to let you all know I'm still here, no calls for transplant yet but still keeping the faith that it will happen sooner rather than later preferably lol.

I'm still rather under the weather, not just CF wise, I also just seem to have this constant cold which won't go away, I'm very bunged up, coughing a lot and I'm still having problems with my tonsils being swollen. My temperature is all over the place, one minute I'm freezing cold, the next I'm sweating buckets, so annoying.

CF wise - I'm in a serious amount of pain with my lungs and joints because I have a very nasty infection, I feel completely full of phlegm (sorry) I feel like I'm drowning, so difficult to take a breath in and then the pain strikes and it's equally as hard breathing out. It's worse when I lay down.
Today I was extremely poorly, I woke up coughing so much I had to do extra treatments, so unbelievably breathless and sore I just couldn't even function. I'm on 3 IV's still and it just doesn't seem to be helping at all really. I went to clinic last week and they were literally begging me to go in but I can't face going in at the moment, for personal reasons.
I know when I need to go in and as long as I have Josh here looking after me, I don't need to be looked after by a nurse, but I'm not stupid or naive, I know if I NEED to go and yes, I'm very ill, but I'm coping, we are coping just fine at the moment, if things change I'll go in, as for now - I'm staying put!

Anyway, I've also broken my wrist :( I fell down the stairs and as I have osteoporosis my chance of breaking bones are higher, but with my pain tolerance being quite high I didn't go to A&E until about 4 days later and alas I've broken a small bone on my inner wrist, it's very painful and it's my right hand which is just typical, you don't realise how much you use your hands until you can't.

Finally, just want to say I have 0 energy, I sleep probably about 15 hours of the day now I just don't seem to be able to keep my eyes open, I'm completely exhausted in every sense of the word but the hours I am awake I've been doing a lot of reading, I have iBooks and the Kindle app and the free books are actually really good, I have paid for a few books to read and I'm really enjoying it, I've definitely got the reading bug - better than my 'cold bug' hah!!
Want to end on again more good news, my weight is still fantastic, this clinic appointment I saw my dietician and she said she's no longer going to see me every appointment now and I only need to be seen if I request!!!! Never did I ever think I'd see the day my weight was acceptable enough that they'd get off my back, it really was the best acolade of my weight gain, I'm over 50kgs now and I'm finally over 8 stone the highest I've ever been, prior to that my highest weight was 7 stone 3, so this is massive thing for me!!

I need to stop writing now because not only do I have very little to say, but also typing with my broken wrist is not fun! OUCH!!

Just have two little photos to add (although I look like rubbish in both lol!) it's my and my lovely nephew Keaton (my sister + her partners son) and my niece (Josh's brother + girlfriends daughter) Maisie, who were both born within about 3 weeks of each other, so got two lovely little babies to love and spoil!

Thank you for reading :)

Me and gorgeous bubby Keaton xx

Me (looking really bad lol) with gorgeous, little Maisie xx


Jo said...

keep fighting! praying for you x

staciep90 said...

I do not blame you for not wanting to go in. Hope your permanant cold clears, maybes it's waiting for Christmas :-D. Congratulations on the weight again, its a huge acheivement! See sleeping 15hours a day sounds like fun but it's really not is it, if your anything like me, I find I'm still tired as thats about what I'm sleeping at the moment.

Keep Fighting Kerry and I look forward to your next post :-D

Stacie xoxo

Anonymous said...

That call could come any minute, any second. I pray that it does. You put such a brave face on your suffering.
I'm glad you have your doggie babes, and your 'real' babes to cuddle, as well as Josh. If you feel better at home, then stay, as you said, you know when you have to go in. I'm sure Josh is pretty good at judging your condition by now, too!
Hang in there.
and btw, you still look beautiful in your photos; how could you not?

Mark W said...

Sorry to hear about your continued pain and your wrist. hope that things get better soon and am praying that you will get your call soon:)