Saturday, 23 July 2011

I Will Be Back...

Thought I better do a quick message for my lovely loyal blog readers regarding my absence!...

I'm not feeling well at the moment, not well at all :( and I'm spending a lot of time asleep/moaning about feeling ill - lol!
I'm aware of the fact I haven't blogged since before my holiday, so when I finally feel up to it, it will be a big one.. Stuff about my wonderful holiday, my clinic appointment on Wednesday, my Gt Nanny's funeral on Tuesday and general other life-stuff :)

I apologise for not keeping you all up to date, if I don't feel well enough to be on the computer/facebook 24 hours a day, you know something is up!

All positive, get well vibes are much appreciated at the moment.
Thank you.


Gem said...

Sending big cuddles! Hope you start feeling better soon! xxx

mogzi said...

Here's some get well vibes! Really hope you start to feel better soon x x x