Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Abseil Is Here!!! &An Update!

I haven't felt like I've had much to blog about lately, just been plodding along, eating as much as humanly possible (and more,) sleeping, nothing too exciting..

On Wednesday I went into town with Mum for the first time in a long while. My wheelchair was at Josh's and it was a quick last minute decision. We are going to Butlins on Monday (Josh and I, Mum and Matt, my sister Kim and her fiance Kieren) and I realised I didn't have a swimming costume because I don't fancy wearing a bikini with my ugly tube, not that I'll be doing much swimming but I may sit in the pool/go on the slides, so I found one I liked in Topshop so we intended to go there, which meant we could park disabled quite close and I wouldn't have to walk too far, however Topshop didn't have any costumes at all! So we then went for a bit of an unexpected walk and unfortunately my eyes were stronger than my lungs, meaning I couldn't resist all the pretttty clooootthhhesss. Lol! I went in a few shops, bought a playsuit which is so comfy I feel like I'm in my pyjamas ;) Before ending up in New Look, where I tried on more clothes and found a swimming costume I liked and didn't feel like too much of a granny in...
Got it in a size 8 too, I've been a size 4-6 for a while, so to finally fit a size 8 was great and showed me all that eating was starting to pay off! :)

By the time I got back to the car, despite the fact we walked at like 0.000000001mph, I was exhausted. It has taught me a lesson, I'm now not well enough to 'get up and go' I need to plan these things better, it was spontaneous and got me out the house for a bit, but it ruined me.

My pleurisy has flared up again which is causing me a lot of pain, unfortunately pain-relief barely touches the pain at the moment and I'm struggling quite a bit. Also my kidney stones obviously decided to go for a bit of a walk last night and the pain was horrific, Josh and I were out for a meal at the time and I suddenly felt like I was being stabbed and it was a bizarre kind of pain which I can only put down to that. We had to abandon our meal before I burst into tears in the middle of a slightly posh restaurant :P

But anyway, pain will never stop me. I'm go go go.
Really looking forward to our holiday!! Got some new clothes and have been trying to preserve my energy so I can really enjoy myself, there is a silent disco on Thursday in the over 18s club at Butlins, so we are going to that which will be fun. I intend to drink a lot ;) go kart a lot, sit on the funfair all day like a big kid and then eat the entire restaurant including tables/chairs/people and just make the most of it with my wonderful family and Fiance!!! :D

My next update will probably be after the holiday, but there is one more thing I must say..
Sunday is the day............. The abseil has finally arrived! 

14 of my brave family and friends will be climbing the 150ft maternity block at Ipswich hospital, abseiling for Cystic Fibrosis, helping to change the lives of people like myself. If I wasn't so ill, the adrenaline junkie in me would be up there with them, but I will be cheering them all on from the safety of the ground! 
So far we've raised around £2700 not including the money from 2 people, so I think we may be over the £3000 mark which is fantastic and I'm so proud they are doing this for CF! :)
If you want to sponser them, or if you just want to give some money to the CF Trust you can do it through this link...

Even if you only sponser a £1, any contribution, however big or small, will help change the lives of people like me..!

Thank you and I'll speak to you all again soon :)

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