Sunday, 17 April 2011

Engagement Party.

Our engagement party was Friday and I've got to say it was honestly one of the best nights of my life. Adrenaline must have been pumping through me all night because I managed to survive the party, haha! I danced loads, chatted to almost everyone and drunk a little too much - so many people kept buying me shots! Also, dangerous Jagerbombs along with typical alcopops ( had no hangover though!! )

It was so exciting, loads of people that hadn't seen each other in a while were all catching up, my parents are divorced but luckily they get on, so both families also had a chance to catch up. We had around 170 people there and it was amazing. 

The buffet is the thing most people seemed to have enjoyed! We had a mixture of hot and cold foods, korma, chilli and pasta, with rice and chips, then all the 'normal' buffet type foods. We also had a beautiful cake made for us by Josh's auntie Carol, we had no idea what it would look like but told them our colour scheme was pink and silver (to match my dress!) then when we saw it, we were genuinely in love with it. There is a photo below, it was also a really yummy cake!! We also had the hall decorated to match our colour scheme - pretty engagement banners, pink and silver helium balloons, pink table cloths, pink napkins and little silver hearts scattered across the tables. 

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves with lots of dancing, chatting, drinking and general partying. Josh and I are so lucky to know so many wonderful people, from our family members, to friends, to work mates, to Josh's golfing buddies + their families and not forgetting some of our friends who we play poker with - all those lovely people helped to make the night absolutely unforgettable. 

Here are just a few photos that we have from the night, if you have any could you upload them onto facebook or email them to me!!

Josh and I cutting our cake.

Josh, Mum and I.
Josh, Bev (Josh's Mum) and I.

My sister Kim, Mum, my Stepdad Matt and I.

My Dad, Josh and I.

Our FANTASTIC cake, made specially for us by Josh's auntie Carol!

Me and some of my lovely friends!
Our DJ went round taking photos of everyone all night and then ran a slideshow of the photos on a big screen, people could then buy them if they wanted. We have got a CD with all the photos on but it has not arrived yet, when it does we will have plenty of lovely photos of all of our guests!!

A massive thank you to everyone who came and made the night so perfect, we also had some amazingly generous people who kindly donated money towards our wedding fund and we are so thankful to each and every one of them and we will be sending out special thank you cards :)!

On the wedding front, we are now looking at potential dates and it all suddenly seems so real!! We were supposed to be going to a wedding fayre today at one of the places we are interested in getting married at, but unfortunately I enjoyed myself a bit too much on Friday and am now feeling very unwell, my body is stiff, my tonsils and glands are swollen, I'm coughing much more than usual and generally feeling very exhausted.

It will take me a few days to recover, but I might not recover at all if this cold-type-thing goes to my chest, it could then lead to a flare up in the form of a bad chest infection. Luckily, if this is the case, I am already booked to go into hospital on the 3rd May after the poker finals, haha priorities and that ;)!

Again, a huge thank you to everyone who came and I hope you enjoyed the night as much as we did!


Em Wampach said...

You looked so beautful! xxx

Gem said...

It looks like you had a brilliant day! Everything looks gorgeous!


Tori said...

You looked pretty :) xx

Miss Sarah Dee said...

eeee i made it onto your bloggywog! now im famous :P
glad you had a lovely n rachel stole some rather lovely cake :P (corner bit with icing=standard!)

BlueEyedBarbie said...

Looks like a wonderful party! And your outfit is amazing!

Ramya Haider said...

i found this party wonderful, it is having fun and charm, wish you pleasures couple,beautiful Engagement Rings adds charm to the party.

Drew Watts said...

Wow!! Lovely engagement party. The couple is looking beautiful together and so I am in love with the cake. Recently attended my best friend’s engagement party at one of amazing LA venue where my sister hosted it and made the entire arrangements. Everything was perfectly done there.