Friday, 13 January 2012

Lack of blogging!

I apologise for my lack of blogs lately, I really haven't been too well and I have been checking in on Facebook but I haven't been doing much other than sitting on the sofa, in my pyjamas, cuddling the puppies.

Wednesday was Josh's birthday, we went out for a meal with his family and my parents. It was good fun and we all had a laugh as always! It was a carvery which is a love of mine, particularly roast potatoes :) I did try and hide how unwell I was, I was drugged up on pain killers but I still hate people seeing how bad I am, I don't want people to feel sorry for me or anything like that and I like to feel as if I am beating cf because I am still doing what I enjoy, just with the added extra of strong pain killers lol!
When people come round our house, I feel I'm in my own environment and it's acceptable for me to show I'm not well, whether it be because I'm lazing around in my pyjamas, or on my oxygen etc. it's different than being out in public. My close family and Josh understand how bad I am because I don't hide it from them, but when people ask how I am I usually say struggling a bit, but I'm okay, because people probably don't want to hear me giving them a sob story haha!!

Health wise, I am pretty bad. I have been getting some severe chest pains, I have pleurisy very often and I do have a flare up at the moment, but I've also had these new pains, stabbing pains which feel like they are coming from the depths of my lungs, every single breath hurts at the moment. I do have clinic on Wednesday so I will suggest an X-ray just in case there is anything to worry about, as these pains are new it could be something but it could equally just be a very bad infection. The IV's I had over Christmas and new year did very little, I feel worse now than before I started them. I was on them for 3 weeks, then I stopped to see if it was the IV's making me feel bad but that didn't seem to be the case so I will ask to change to some new IV's which will hopefully kick this evil infection in the backside, failing all that, or if there is something very wrong, I will have no option but to go into hospital. But at the moment that is last resort, because I hate it!

I have my pre-transplant dental check up on Monday, you have to have all dental work sorted before you can be listed, I have a chipped tooth and may need a filling so I will find out that on Monday. I also have the CF trust coming round next Friday to do some filming for CF week, I'm not 100% sure what sort of thing it is, which is why this is pretty vague but I will find out I guess :)

So that is about all for now! I promise I will update quicker next time.
Thank you for reading.

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Anonymous said...

Bless you for being so brave, and for going out for Josh's birthday supper despite feeling so poorly.
I hope they find out quickly what's causing your chest pains, and that the pain eases very soon.