Sunday, 4 December 2011

Puppies and & 'Outstanding Bravery' Award

Its been a week since we got two new puppies, we were going to get a new puppy before we sadly lost our baby Foxxy, so we decided to go ahead and not let the puppies seller down. They sent us a photo of the girls and we found it very difficult to decide which to have, I liked one and Josh liked the other and had we still had Fox we would've had two dogs anyway, so we decided to get both of the girls.
They are Pomeranians, Foxxy was a Pomeranian x chihuahua, so they would be similar to her traits but look a bit different.
Their names are Tinkerbell (the white stripe one) and Milly-Mia.

On Friday I attended an award ceremony, the Stars of Suffolk awards. I was nominated for outstanding bravery, I was up against two amazing, inspirational people and didn't think I stood a chance of winning. I wasn't feeling well at all but I got myself dolled up and managed to go, Josh, Mum, Dad, my Stepdad, Nanny and Grandad all came too.
The evening was very glamorous and emotional, so many amazing stories of equally amazing people.
To my complete shock, I won the award. I got a standing ovation, a beautiful award and a certificate. Each winner also got a special prize and mine was an iPad2!!! It will be amazing when I go into hospital and will definitely help with boredom.
I'm so thankful and grateful to the people who nominated me, my family didn't realise you could nominate people so all my nominations were from people who don't even know me, that makes me feel so good. I am also thankful to the judging panel who chose me to win.
It was an amazing night and I'm so glad I was able to be part of it, I was truly honoured to be in the same room as so many inspirational people :)

Health wise, I'm not great. Struggling a lot with my breathing and coughing more than normal, I still have the awful headaches and keep having temperatures which isn't fun! Hopefully I pick up a bit and can be well enough to have a great Christmas!

Thanks for reading.


Mark W said...

So glad that you got the new puppies they can never replace your foxy, but it must be nice to have such lovely dogs.
Great that you got the bravery award and the IPad will be a great asset, I couldn't live without my laptop when I am in hospital.
I hope that your health improves for Xmas and that you have a great time and a happy new year:)

Molly said...

I was sorry to hear about Foxy. Like the previous commenter said I know your new puppies will never replace her but I hope they bring you lots of joy. They look adorable.

Congratulations on the award :D

I recently bought myself an iPad 2 and love it. It's so useful & would have come in so handy if I'd have had it when I spent long spells of time in hospital. I hope yours helps relieve some of the boredom.

I hope your health picks up so you can enjoy Christmas.

Take care,
Molly x

Gemma said...

Well done on your award!
Your puppies are beautiful, they will never replace Foxxy but will creat their own places in your hearts! xx

Anonymous said...

Congrats on receiving the award. That is amazing. What I find even more amazing is that you went despite feeling poorly. I've become such a hermit since my illness, but you forge right ahead.
Have fun with your new babies; they will keep you busy!

Josie said...

Well done on the award! Defo well deserved.
Was really sorry to read about Foxxy. Your new puppies are little beauts though! Don't know how you can cope with two puppies I found one a big enough challenge ha
Josie xx