Friday, 6 May 2011

Meet My Support System

All my blogs lately have been based on myself, in which I have explained briefly how certain people in my life help me to cope etc.
I thought I'd dedicate this blog post to them, with photos and a bit more detail.
So, I'd like you to meet 'my support system.'

First and foremost, my amazing Mum, Jacqui.

My Mum has been my rock thoughout my whole life, when I'm feeling down, she's there picking me up, when I'm on a high, she's right by my side smiling with me.
My Mum never lets me think negative, she is very head-strong and has passed this onto me. We have the odd silly petty argument, but within minutes it's over and we are back to normal, for a Mother and Daughter we have a fantastic relationship, I've always looked upto my Mum, I know having a child who is ill can't be an easy task!
I'm also glad that my Mum has allowed me to make my own mistakes, so I can learn from them and make my own decisions, knowing that she will be there behind me every step of the way, picking up the pieces when things go wrong.
I know I am 20 years old and I don't need my parents anymore, I have so much to learn on my own but I will always need their support and guidance and I know it will 100% always be there, however old I am.
I think my Mum is fantastic and I am so proud to be her daughter.
I love you Mum.

Secondly, we have my fiance, Josh.

Again, getting into a serious relationship with somebody who is ill isn't easy and I am so thankful everyday that Josh didn't run in the opposite direction when he found out I was ill, as many boys have done in the past. He only then went and made me his fiancee(!) his dedication to me is a breath of fresh air.
Josh is very similar to my Mum in the way they keep me positive, if I'm having a down day he will let me have a cry with a much needed cuddle, but he thens make sure I keep my eyes on my goals and remain strong. I don't know how he does it, he rarely shows weakness and it makes me feel better. I'd hate to be surrounded by negativity and people crying all the time because I'm ill.
We both know that our time together could be limited and we make the most of every second in each others company. I know that we ultimately want to get married and whether it happens before or after transplant, it is something we are working towards.
Josh is my soulmate, my best friend, my shoulder to cry on and the absolute love of my life.
I love you Josh.

Then we have my Dad, Gary.

My Dad is an inspiration. When he was 30 he suffered a stroke and I honestly thought I was going to lose him - I knew I needed my Dad around, he still had to buy me my first legal drink, walk me down the aisle, meet my boyfriends and continue to protect me. So the day he came home from hospital was one of the best moments because I knew I still had him in my life.
Now let me tell you a bit about my Dad - he thinks he is the funniest man on the planet(!) He is constantly cracking jokes, always coming up with silly little names for me like Perriwinkle, he is always out clubbing because he loves his drink and wants to be the centre of attention at parties, but would I have him any other way? Not a chance. I don't think he will ever grow up, but if he did, he wouldn't be the man I know and love :).
Dad makes me realise that life is so much fun, you can never take yourself too seriously and laughter is genuinely the best medicine.
I love you Daddy.

Not forgetting my Step-Dad, Matt.

When Matt first came into my life, I found it difficult to accept him, I'm not going to lie, we had some rough patches but I honestly think it's brought us closer today. The day I was a bridesmaid for Mum and Matts wedding was one of my proudest moments, it made me realise how far we had come from the early days!
If whoever is reading this know Matt, you will realise how hard I had to work to find a photo where his eyes were actually open, lol!!
Matt and I have a lot of silly banter between us, I always refer to him as 'younger' than me because he was young when he met my Mum. For example, if we were speaking about when I was a high school, I would say - oh Matt, you weren't even born!!
Matt is a really lovely, funny, caring Step-Dad. I am so pleased he has made my Mum so happy, we have all accepted Matt as one of our own and I'd be devestated now if he wasn't in my life.
I love you Matt.

My beautiful Sister, Kim.

Firstly I'm going to start by posting something Kim wrote on her facebook about me the other day.

"‎Kerry Alex Thorpe. My beautiful sister, sometimes i find it hard to know what to say to you after reading your blogs and things, i want to stay positive for you but the truth is i am really struggeling. I wish i was strong like you and positive! To be honest, you are my inspritation, when i wake up and feel like i dont want to get out of bed to go work i think of you and i want to slap myself as i know that working to you is like a dream. Im sitting here trying to think of what to say but i just cant get the words out. I hope you know that although i find it hard to speak about it to you, i think about you every minute of the day. Since your story was in the paper, at work i look at your story between every call as i keep it up in the backround and seeing your smily face makes everything worth while. I dont care if i never have any money or my own house or anything else... my only dream is that one day i can ring you and say "kerry lets go to town do some shopping then party tonight." and not having to worry about anything, just being able to say that and hearing your cheery voice say "ok see u tomorrow" will be worth so much more than anything else in the world. I wonder everyday why it had to be you that was ill, why not me or anyone else, your so pretty and caring you deserve the best health in the world. I was so proud when people saw you in the paper and said "she is such a fighter" because you really are and i know that you will never give up on anyone or anything. I just want you to know that if you did ever want to talk i am here for you and always will be. And that i love you more than anything in the world and admire everything you do. I know you will get what you're destined (new lungs) and the day you do will be without fail the happiest day of my life. I know i always say it but i love u so much, from you little sister xx"

I don't really have to say anything else - Kim is amazing, we have got so close over the last few years and I wouldn't change her for the world. I also can't wait until the day we can go out and party and enjoy ourselves like sisters should!
Kim has been doing loads for organ donation lately and has been encouraging people to become donors, she has made me so proud!
I love you Kim.

My Nanny and Grandad, Margaret and Len.

I absolutely love them to pieces. They are always there for a chat and constantly call/text me to make sure I am okay. They both come up to visit me loads when I'm in Papworth and we always go and have a 'nice' meal at the canteen!
I feel I am so close to my Nanny and Grandad and I wouldn't have it any other way! Grandad is hilarious, he calls me Keg-head-thing-init, he uses stupid words all the time and finds it hilarious! My Nanny is amazing, she has rheumatoid arthritis but doesn't let it get her down, she is always happy and smiling, trying to look after other people!
They make me such a proud Grandaughter!!
I love you Nanny and Grandad.

& My Auntie Hayley.

Hayley again, is fantastic! We always have such a laugh when we are together and she always makes sure I am okay. When I'm not well, she lets me know she is thinking about me. When I'm in Papworth, she comes to visit (even though I know it's only so she can steal my sweet stash!!! Hahaaa) Before our engagment party, Hayley wrote me and Josh a little poem each..


Petite, Blonde and beautiful
You’re always the perfect display
But fragile, weak and failing lungs
I think about you everyday

I know those lungs will soon be yours
So your life can start anew
Tonight I’ll be bursting through the doors

To celebrate with you.


Isn’t love a funny thing,
And what it makes you do,
When you gave Kerry that ring
You made her dreams come true

I know you were put on the earth

To protect our special girl
You care for her like no one can
You’re an oyster with a pearl

We thought they were fantastic, thoughtful and they brought a smile (and a tear) to my face!
I love you Hayley!

So I hope you've enjoyed reading.
These are the people that have kept me going all this time, friends will come and go but family is forever.
I know I am so lucky to have such fantastic people in my life.

Huge love, fiances, family, and support!

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