Sunday, 27 March 2011

Starting fresh.

I've always kept my blog private from friends/family, because I didn't want people to realise exactly what I go through and how I'm feeling sometimes. It's much easier to put on a brave face and a fake front with a smile, than have to explain to people exactly how difficult life is, or why, perhaps, I can't do certain things. I wanted to protect people, my close family and Josh know what it's like living with CF but nobody else. I don't want people to worry about me, or feel sorry for me, so I've hidden the reality from them.

I may go through and delete everything I've written prior to this and start fresh. I want people to be involved now, most people who read this blog have CF or know someone with CF so my blog isn't really making a difference, as those who read are experiencing the same things themselves.

I guess I'm at the age now where I want people to understand. I don't want to hide anymore and it's time I opened up and let people in. So if all of a sudden all my previous blog posts disappear it's because I've decided to take the plunge and open up to everyone, I hate that I'm kind of living a lie, only sharing part of myself with the people who deserve to know the truth.

I want to make a difference too, so many people who blog have already has raised more awareness than I could even dream of! I mean, there are members of my own family that have no idea what my daily life routine involves half of them don't even know I use oxygen! I'm a private person, I've always been embarressed to involve people and didn't want people to have pity on me, I've always wanted to be 'normal' so if I kept the sick part of me a secret, I could still be 'normal' in their eyes.

So to those of you who have read, commented and supported me on my 'secret journey..' I'm so grateful, you've all made a difference and I've taken all advice on board, I even cheer when I get a new follower (hehe!)

My private journey ends here.
My blog will now be an open book (to a certain extent obviously) and I'll be welcoming the world into my life :)!


Tori said...

That's brilliant that your opening up lovely but I don't want you to feel like you should keep certain parts of yourself a secret, blogging is very theraputic so maybe start a new blog for friends and family and continue to blog the stuff people who understand can help you with? xx

Kirstie said...

Totally what tori said, you should still feel its your blog, not everyone is like me i share everything, sometimes i wonder what people will think but then i remember i dont care lol. But don't stop writing things you need to write because your worried what others will think, just write it somewhere else if you must.

I got all worried you weren't going to blog at all then, when i first started reading. I love reading your blog and im so glad your going to open it up to people.

I hope by opening you blog it just opens up the support you get.


Megan said...

I think it's a good thing for others to see the truth, cos it might help them understand more, especially as with CF a lot is what you can't see.

I'll admit I'm like you and I'm tempted to go through the entire history of my blog and delete the bitchy parts I'm worried people will read wrong! Sometimes it's just written in the heat of the moment. But at the same time you shouldn't have to edit it to suit other people's opinions.

Glad you're still going to blog though, I agree with Tori and Kirsty saying that if you really need to bitch about something and get it out, but don't want everyone to see, maybe just write it somewhere else xxx

Molly said...

I'm not sure if I've commented before but I've been reading your blog for a little while. I've chosen not to tell my close friends and family about my blog so I can be more open with what I write, it's more for my online friends.

Take care,
Moll x x

*Amanda- Glasgow Makeup/Beauty/Fashion discounts* said...

Hi i am a recent follower and i am reading your blogs from the beginning incase your wondering why i have commented here, i just wanted to say quickly that after only reading a small part i think you seem so brave and such an inspiration to all people with any kind of health issues, take care

Amanda x