Monday, 27 December 2010

The best christmas present :)

Well christmas was amazing and I will do a more detailed post about the family, presents, etccc, but whilst I sit here watching The Ashes, I thought I'd share my wonderful news that...

Josh and I are engaged!!!!!!! :D

On christmas morning he proposed and of course I said yes. The ring is beautiful and I'm such a happy girly!!!

He got me this huge square present which I unwrapped and expected it to be a New York skyline canvas as we'd spoke about it before, however he said to me I think you should be standing up and I was a bit confused but I did, lol, then he turned it round and it was a huge photo frame with about 15 photos of me and him in all different places, with different hair colours, lol, from throughout our relationship and I thought awww that's cute, then I noticed in the middle was a big picture of a gorgeous ring and I was like ohhhh my goddd, I was shaking uncontrollably haha! Then he got down on one knee got out the ring and asked me to marry him <3

I was so happy, it's the most amazing present he could of possibly given me :)
and all our families and friends have been so incredible, I sometimes wonder to myself do his family and friends really like me or do they just put up with me and hope we break up, but they're all so happy and keep asking when am I going to be joining the family, it's been so brilliant, Josh's Mum keeps crying because she's so happy haha, and she wants to hug me but she's ill and worried about making me ill lol..!

Anyway, I must get some sleeep!!!
I hope all your christmas' were as amazing as mine!


Ruth Jay said...

hi hun!

congrats again on the engagement, and what a sweet way to propose! you must be over the moon :)

glad you've had a wonderful christmas xx

Lauren said...

ohhh wow! yay. so happy for you :)
sounds super sweet.
happy new year honey xx

Gemma said...

congratulations on your great news! Now you have a wedding to plan! If you need any advice ro anything let me know!! xx